In recent years, Richmond, B.C. has become one of the main centres of attraction for Chinese Canadians. The city has beautiful surroundings, convenient locations, a booming economy, and a supportive community. The Richmond Chinese Community Society (R.C.C.S.) was founded in the spring of 1989 and is a registered non-profit local organization.


The purpose of RCCS is to promote the spirit of community services amongst those with a Chinese ethnic background and to encourage participation in various activities for the betterment of Richmond, B.C.

  • To involve the Chinese community in Richmond in decision making for the city.
  • To facilitate suggestions and concerns from the Richmond Chinese community to service groups and organizations.
  • To assist in the process of integration and assimilation of the Chinese Canadians with the mainstream society.

  • Offer informational and educational seminars to the Richmond Chinese community.
  • Organize various sports and leisure activities for the Richmond Chinese community.
  • Establish a network with all major groups and organizations serving the Richmond Chinese community.
  • Encourage members of the Richmond Chinese community to volunteer in other Richmond community organizations.
  • RCCS finances all its activities through membership fees, various fundraising activities and general donations.
  • RCCS is a registered non-profit service organization, charitable receipts are available for all donations.
  • RCCS is not associated with any political or religious groups.

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